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Desert Highway

Courses Taught

Dr. Kluger's Courses can be found below. Please check University of Louisville's Academics homepage for the latest information on class times and location. Current students should find the latest copies of the course syllabi on Blackboard.*

Highway Bridge

CEE 205 Statics

Students will learn to solve complex engineering problems. Topics will include vectors, force and moment equilibrium, friction, centroids and moments of inertia.

Spring 2022 Syllabus*

CEE 260 Field Measurements
CEE 261 Field Measurements Lab

Students will learn fundamental concepts in surveying and the associated calculations required. In the lab component students will gain experience using surveying equipment including levels and total stations.

Fall 2021 Syllabus*

Public Bus Stop

CEE 660 Transportation Planning and Urban Development

Students will learn advanced concepts in transportation planning and travel demand forecasting. Students will also learn advanced statistical modeling and R programming language.

Spring 2022 Syllabus*

Previous Student Term Paper Presentations

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